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Current Offers

Tru Power SEO Current Offers:

Please review what we are buying, and let us know which of these services you and your company can offer for us. Thank you.

Real Time:

  • Solar (25+ States), Windows (35+ States), Roofing, Baths, Gutters, Real Estate (1 State) 
  • We are buying Real Time Exclusive leads to our Landing page only on a PPL basis. (Ask For Coverage)
  • Our payouts range from $20 – $40 per lead

Aged Data:

  • Currently buying Window and Solar aged Data (ask for qualifiers)

Live Transfers:

  • Currently buying Live Transfers for Windows if the call Center is U.S. Based (Ask for our qualifiers and please send us ballpark pricing)

Phone Verified Call Backs:

  • Buying Phone verified calls backs for Windows & Solar (Call Center can be anywhere)

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