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We Specialize In Growing Gyms, Yoga Studios, Massage Parlors, And Other Types Of Fitness Studios!

We have the ability to supply you with real-time leads of people who are looking to secure a mortgage.
This includes VA Loans, FHA (first time home-buyers), Construction Loans, Conventional Loans and 2nd Home Loans.
All you’ve got to do is seal the deal. We can provide you leads between $30-60 each, depending on geographic location.

For Those Looking To Purchase…

We look for a certain type of person. We look for someone who is employed, above the age of 25, with a credit
 score above 620. To start the process, we gather some information about what kind of property they’re looking for,
and when they’re looking to buy. Ideally, the person would be making over $35,000 per year, and we’re not afraid to
disqualify  people who don’t have good credit, or if they don’t have a job. We gather and compile this important data,
and package it in a way in which it’s easy to follow through on securing these contracts.

In addition to high-quality realtime leads, we also offer a unique solution for contacting there warm leads. We have a custom CRM in place to contact candidates through text message and voicemail, as well as email, in large quantities. This takes a bunch of work off your hands, and lets you work on closing over the phone, instead of warming up dead leads.You’ll be able to manage all of your customers online in a custom platform that is incredibly versatile and accessible. Everything is in one place, and a lot of the process can be automated



Our system is successful time and time again. Our team is seasoned, and spreads across the entire United States.

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of just how efficient we can be.

We invite you to share in our success!

Let’s talk on the phone and develop a personalized marketing strategy that will flood your fitness studio with new clients.