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We Specialize In Growing Gyms, Yoga Studios, Massage Parlors, And Other Types Of Fitness Studios!

All great businesses have processes in place that allows them to expand at a rate that’s faster than their competitors. It goes without saying that more customers, new clients, and more revenue are things that you need in order for your organization to reach it’s maximum potential.

We know gyms. We know how to generate gym leads.  We know what makes them successful, and we love showing fitness studios across the nation how quickly we can supply them with a seemingly infinite source of new customers.

What Can We Do For You?

Through online advertisement, we are able to supply a constant stream of interested clients (warm leads) that are ready to be turned into paying customers. A great perk of the fitness industry is that these clients are not one-time customers – gym and fitness memberships are usually a monthly payment (if not yearly). This means that the lifetime value of our converted leads is extremely valuable.


Kika Stretch Studios: Success Story

Before working with Tru Power, Kika Stretch Studios was generating around 10-20 leads per month using Social Media. Some of their branches were not running any kind of internet marketing campaigns whatsoever.

After working with Tru Power for a few months, Kika Stretch Studios was able to start generating 40-125+ leads per monthper location (they have multiple locations across the US).

Month after month, lead production has increased and will continue to increase because of the strategies we have implemented. Our ad targeting is tailored to the right customers. We have partnered with a CRM company that allows us to automatically contact your potential customers in highly effective ways, and this helps us make sure we’re giving you the best bang for your buck.

As a result of this increase in lead production and our ability to put you in direct contact with people interested in signing up for your gym or studio, appointments and new members at each Kika Stretch Studio location significantly increased.

This higher number of new members led to increased cash flow and higher sales of classes and memberships, which indicates a strong positive ROI.


We Are Accepting New Clients

Our system is successful time and time again. Our team is seasoned, and spreads across the entire United States.

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of just how efficient we can be.

We invite you to share in our success!

Let’s talk on the phone and develop a personalized marketing strategy that will flood your fitness studio with new clients.