Solar Leads


Solar Leads

Have you been burned by Solar Lead Generators in the past? It’s understandable; so have we.

Here at Tru Power SEO, we have been deeply involved in the Solar Industry for over 2 years. Specifically, the Solar Leads Industry.


We started by setting up our own solar lead generation processes including a call center and learning everything we could possibly learn about Solar. We built a team and followed up on solar leads 10 hours a day in many different states. After a ton of trial and error, we figured it out. We became incredibly successful at learning how to generate leads, write the proper scripting, train our callers, and set qualified solar appointments.

Since then, not only do we have in-house solar leads, we added partnerships with call centers and lead generators around the globe. We helped train and educate them so we could scale and fill the demand for the Solar Appointments so many companies have been wanting.

The Solar Industry is incredibly hot right now especially in states with big incentives. Going Solar is such an incredible opportunity for so many families to cut down on their electric costs. The Solar Industry specifically has huge potential ROI for companies who can get their lead generation streamlined.

That’s where we come in. We understand exactly what Solar Companies are after. We know you want to sit with qualified homeowners who are excited about Solar. We know you want them to have over 650 credit score so they qualify for the tax incentives. We know you want their electric bill to be over $100/month. We know they must have good sun exposure on the Southern roof of their house. This is exactly what we do our best to provide.

We want our clients to get qualified Solar Appointments so they focus on their job and help families go Solar. Not only do we set appointments, we also do live transfers, and have aged solar data as well. Reach out to us for more information about what we can provide, or more Solar information in general!

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– Tru Power SEO