Most Effective Marketing Strategies – 2019


Most Effective Marketing Strategies – 2019

Just like most business owners will tell you it’s important to have MSI (Multiple Sources of Income), I firmly believe it is also crucial to use (MMS) Multiple Marketing Strategies.  You want to diversify how are you generating leads, just like how you want to diversify where your income comes from.  You never want to limit yourself by generating leads from only one source.  Potential customers are scattered across the internet in different locations, and you need to find them.  If you only use one strategy for marketing, you are leaving significant money on the table.  You want your potential customers to be able to stumble upon you from many different locations, especially in multiple places on the internet. 

In my personal experience, there is not one specific place all of my leads come from.  My leads come through a variety of different marketing channels.  I’ll detail four of them here:

SEO, Facebook Ads, Instagram, and Call Centers (Yes call centers still work on a large scale).

1) The first thing I make sure I do with my companies is to optimize my website for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes.  I want people to be able to look up my brand name or my services and be able to find me on the internet.  If people search your brand name, and you don’t pop up on Google, you have much bigger problems.  Everything begins with optimizing the website and to be able to convert potential traffic.  This is the foundation of your marketing strategy.  I personally will not even do marketing for a company unless they first let me optimize their website and enhance it so customers can be converted easily.  This means a variety of things including adding contact forms in different locations on the website, adding pop-up contact forms to the site, and making it simple for potential customers to request more information.

Once the website is completed and ready to convert, this is when I implement my other marketing strategies where the goal is to drive traffic to the website or landing page.

2) Running ads on Facebook has become the go to method for generating leads, and that’s for good reason.  Once you figure out exactly who your perfect target customer is and where they are located, it is very simple to target those exact people on Facebook with an Ad that will resonate with them. My team and I personally split test 10-20 Ad-sets at once at minimum.  We see which ones are receiving the most attention, and which ones are not.  We very quickly increase budget on the high performing ads, and decrease the budget on the low performing ads.  Over time, our PPL (price per lead) will significantly decrease as we figure out exactly what works for the niche we are targeting.  We have customers import their information directly into a Facebook form or direct them to a landing page off Facebook where they can input their information.  Here’s the key once leads are generated:  CALL THEM RIGHT AWAY!!! Not a week later, not a day later, not an hour later, CALL THEM INSTANTLY.  In my years of experience dialing leads, the conversion rate and appointment set rate is the absolute highest right after they input their information!! This is a huge piece of information that I see a ton of business owners not doing.

3) Moving on from Facebook, let’s talk about Instagram.  Instagram is quickly becoming the most talked about advertising platform in 2019.  Everyone in the marketing space is seeing the value of Instagram.  We use Instagram in a multitude of different ways, but for the sake of time, we’ll keep it brief.  One strategy we implement is creating a large number of Instagram accounts and having them all link back to our one main Instagram account for our main product or service.  Essentially, we build an army of accounts with bots attached them, following, liking, and Direct Messaging relevant people.  These people can be found by hashtags, specific locations, similar interests, etc.  What this does is allows people to come across a variety of different accounts that all lead back to the main account, rather than simply having one account for consumers to see.  This diversifies us and has paid huge dividends for our products and services.  Our company has even decided to sell this strategy as a service.  This includes the setup, the management, and much more because it’s such an amazing service that most people don’t have the time to set up  and manage themselves.

4) Finally, the one that may not resonate entirely with a lot of younger business professionals, is the call center.  The call center has become a huge piece of our business.  This can be outsourced fairly simply to an existing call center.  We simply buy lists online of relevant data, write up a well-versed script, and have people dialing the lists all day long!!  Data lists can be purchased for any type of vertical, and can even be narrowed down to zip code location if you want leads in a specific area!  I’ve met many business owners that think a call center wouldn’t benefit them, until I sit down with them and show them how much it actually can help grow their business.  Our call centers have become one of the biggest drivers of revenue we have.

In 2019 with everyone being on the Internet, there are an abundance of marketing strategies out there that can be and should be taken full advantage of.  Hopefully these four strategies help you jumpstart your marketing efforts, or increase your current marketing efforts! 

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Why Seo Is Crucial?


Why Seo Is Crucial?

By now, everyone in the 21st century understands that in order to grow your business, you need to be online. The first step towards getting your business online is to make a website.  Notice how I said “first step” and not “only step”?  This is because the majority of business owners think that by creating a website, they’ve done what they need to do for potential costumers to find them.  

This thinking is incorrect and costing them a ton of increased business; which is going directly to their competitors.  The missing component:  SEO.  

Creating a website for your business is a great first step, but if you don’t follow it up with the proper steps, you might as well be invisible online.  Before you even create your website, it’s VITAL to make sure the person/company creating your website is proficient with SEO (Search Engine Optimization); otherwise, your website will be difficult for your customers to find.  This is one of the biggest mistakes I find.  Business owners have someone create them a website but don’t realize the website must be built for Google’s liking.  Optimizing your website for Google’s liking will make your page rank higher in the Google search results. You must pair an SEO optimized website with off-page SEO and watch your rankings skyrocket.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.  This is the key to increasing your business 10x.  When someone searches keywords on Google relative to your industry, you want to have your website pop up.  Whoever gets the most organic traffic, gets the most customers.  In my experience, this is the #1 thing most business owners overlook.  Also, the companies who are popping up on Google, are the companies that DOMINATE their niche.  

Not only do you NEED to be on the first page of Google Search results, but studies show that the top five search results get 75% of the clicks.  So if you want to grow your business, you need to be sure you have the right SEO so your company is visible online to the people who matter most: paying customers SEARCHING for your services/products.

Contact Tru Power SEO today and we will provide a free audit of your website and visibility online and what we believe we can do to help you increase your online traffic.

Your Digital Footprint


Your Digital Footprint

“You’re either growing or you’re dying.”

That is an age old quote that relates to everything from business to personal development. In today’s digital world, it is incredibly important for your business to be growing its digital footprint, or you can be sure you won’t be in business much longer.

It’s no longer a secret that the success to growing your business in today’s age is through digital channels. Gone are the days where you look up local businesses in the Yellow Pages. Today when looking for a business or service, people’s first instinct is “just Google it.” This means the questions you need to ask yourself are; How easily is your business or services found online?  If you are found easily, how does your online presence look to the average consumer in regards to credibility?

You may ask, what’s the best way to grow your business online? There are dozens of different strategies and tactics that can be used online from Google Adwords to Facebook Ads, but there is one that stands out more than the rest. 

It all starts with Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short. This is the FOUNDATION to a successful online business.  All other strategies shouldn’t be used if your foundation isn’t optimized for conversions.  If you’re not up to date with your SEO, chances are your targets costumers are not finding you and are finding your competitors.  In order to be visible to your customer, you not only want to be on page 1 of Google search results for your target keywords, you want to be between positions 1 and 3.  Studies show 91% of people do not go to “page 2” of Google search results. In addition, the majority of the traffic click on the top 3 results.  If your SEO for your business isn’t good and you’re not on at least page 1 Google, you more or less don’t exist to your target audience.

You may not know how to improve your SEO.  No problem, just hire someone who specializes in this field.  The average salary for a Digital Marketing Director in the U.S. is over $150,000 annually, not exactly affordable for most businesses.  That number is before you even factor in your budget for your SEO.  Majority of businesses like to save money where they can, and it’s not always in the budget to pay someone a high salary that can eat into their ROI. 

This is where Tru Power SEO comes in. We run all your SEO and Digital Marketing needs in order to expand your digital footprint and help people find your business online. We can do it for a fraction of the cost of what you’d pay a full-time employee.  We also do it month to month contracts so we can show you our value and we can prove to you why you want to keep working with us.  Your business is important to you, and helping you grow that business is important to us.  Let us help you expand your business digitally and dominate your market.

Reach out to us today so we can give you a free audit of your online presence and exactly what our plan would be to increase your traffic and increase your sales.

How To Increase Organic Traffic To Your Website (8 Ways)

Increase Organic Traffic

How To Increase Organic Traffic To Your Website

When it comes to any new website, the big word on everyone’s lips is always traffic. Knowing how to increase organic traffic is high up on the list for most people as paying for advertisements when you’re a brand new website or blog is a far stretch for most.

With marketers predicting that SEO is becoming more effective, with 82% reporting effectiveness, improving your organic traffic has never been a more effective focus.

What frightens most people is not understanding the best way to get organic traffic to their website.  Because of this, instead of trying something new, they do nothing.

It’s this not taking action which is ultimately most people’s biggest downfall.

But fear not, this article is here to quickly show you how to increase organic traffic to your site without missing a beat.

Let’s get started.


If you want to understand how to increase organic traffic to your site, you first have to realize who you are trying to impress. Google, the omega, the powerhouse of the internet, has some very particular set of rules when it comes to you ranking highly.

Sadly, it doesn’t always give the rules to us on a silver platter, but through careful analysis, sites have over time managed to identify some important factors that help you to increase your organic traffic over time.

With Google holding 80.5% of the search engine market share, you want to be impressing them.


When it comes to optimizing your content for Google, there are a couple of important factors you need to consider if you want to increase organic traffic to your site.

Let’s go through some of the best tips for how you can increase your organic ranking in Google.


Creating content just for the sake of it isn’t going to be a particularly strong strategy. Just putting out regular content because it’s ‘good for SEO’ can sometimes harm you more than help you.

Your website is your business, and most of the time, it’ll be the first impression of your company that your customer sees.

If you had a low-quality product in a shop window, it wouldn’t give off a great first impression. It’s for this same reason that your website articles should be high-quality.

With the average first-page result on Google containing 1,890 words, creating high-quality content is also a big indicator for helping you rank higher.

Make sure to make your content as relevant as possible and of a decent length to give you the best chance to increase organic traffic for your site.


When you are doing keyword research, you may try and rank for some keywords with very high search volumes. After all, if a search-term gets 100,000 monthly searches even if you rank 25th, you’re bound to get a lot of traffic, right?

When it comes to search engines, no. Most of the traffic to a search term will go to the first three search results on page one. The rest of the traffic will go to the other pages, and anything further back than page two can often get very low amounts of traffic.

Instead of trying to hit the number one spot for a large keyword term, go for the low-hanging fruit. You’ll find it much easier to rank first for ten different keywords with 800 views than one keyword with 8000 views.


Sometimes you can get so caught up with studies showing you the best times or days to post that you put off putting out your content. Just try to remain consistent.

You should be publishing to your blog at least once a week as a minimum. Ideally, the more you can post the better, but sometimes it can be difficult if you’re running a business to commit that much time.

Search engines love a website you update frequently, but forget about the robots for a second. Who loves it more than the search engines? People do.

A site that is regularly updated tells your user base that you are serious about your site and are wanting to provide good content. This makes it worth their time to read your blog and consume your content.


Gone are the days of guest posting for SEO links. These links in 2018 hold very little weight compared to what they once did back in 2013.

The real power in guest posting in 2018 is all about referral traffic, i.e., who is visiting that guest post and then jumping across to you.

Backlinking remains one of the most important growth factors for the success of a website alongside great quality content and guest posting can be a great way to create amazing content for your site.

But the links that come through Guest posting no longer help as much as they did. If you are focusing on writing guest posts for other peoples blogs, make sure they are a high-authority site with a lot of traffic.

You should make the purpose of the article to try and drive as much traffic to your site as possible while still providing value to the reader.


Being a contributor to other websites that operate within your industry is a great way to increase organic traffic for your site. By getting your name out there on high-authority sites, you not only drive more traffic back to your site you also improve the SEO and reputation of your site at the same time.

Large publications like the Huffington Post and Forbes are big powerhouses online in the business world. Try and find a company or website that is specific to your niche and industry and become a contributor for them.


With SEO becoming more effective throughout 2018 it’s easy to understand why improving organic results is important. Now you understand some of the basics of improving your organic traffic to your blog; it’s time to implement those changes.

Don’t let worries of SEO success get you down.

If you want help and support in improving your websites SEO reach out to us today.